**INSTRUCTIONS ONLY** for Life Unscripted (SBK) #S709

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Paula page this week looks like it belongs in the pages of a fairy tale!

The brickwork, moss and soft colours really brings the magic to life.

There's 3D elements on this page as well which really make the page pop!

You have space for 3 photos this week, sizes, the sizes are  3" x 4".

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to make any more of these kits, however you can purchase the instructions which will enable you to replicate this popular layout in the comfort of your own home.

 You will be emailed the full instructions (which include photos) to walk you through the process of making this project. A product list is also included.

 Note : These Craftables Instructions are sold for personal use only - if you wish to use them for any other purpose, you will need to contact us for permission.

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